For Samuel, I to XXV, 2014

Searching For Steward is an evolving multi-media project focused on the creation of artwork based out of research from the archives of Samuel Steward located at Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Contained within his expansive archives is a standard card catalog drawer labeled, “The Stud File”. Inside this card catalog are upwards of one thousand documented sexual encounters which Steward had over the course of his lifetime. This card catalog is the source material for the drawings.Taped discreetly to the backs of some cards are samples of pubic and head hair that Steward had acquired as mementos of their encounters.

Based upon these samples of hair, Searching For Samuel, I to XXV, is a series of twenty-five drawings done in graphite on paper. A book of these drawings, joined with poems created using found text from an illegal translation of Jean Genet’s “Our Lady of the Flowers” will be published at the end of 2015.

Steward-25 Steward-25-detail Steward-24 Steward-24-detail Steward-23 Steward-23-detail Steward-22 Steward-22-detail Steward-21 Steward-21-detail Steward-20 Steward-20-detail Steward-19 Steward-19-detail Steward-18 Steward-18-detail Steward-17 Steward-17-detail Steward-16 Steward-16-detail Steward-15 Steward-15-detail Steward-14 Steward-14-detail Steward-13 Steward-13-detail Steward-12 Steward-12-detail Steward-11 Steward-11-detail Steward-10 Steward-10-detail Steward-9 Steward-9-detail Steward-8 Steward-8-detail Steward-7 Steward-7-detail Steward-6 Steward-6-detail Steward-5 Steward-5-detail Steward-4 Steward-4-detail Steward-3 Steward-3-detail Steward-2 Steward-2-detail Steward-1 Steward-1-detail

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